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Our mission: To coach and empower America's Veterans, spouses and caregivers to achieve success at home, at work, and in the community. You can make a difference!

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It's time for SBT's 8th Annual Memorial Day-Labor Day Summer Fundraiser 2021!

Dear Friend,

Stand Beside Them is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2013. We provide free coaching to post 9/11 veterans, military spouses, and military caregivers during the often difficult transition from active duty to civilian life. Our roster of 200 fully certified professional coaches has a wealth of experience in career development, executive/leadership, small business development, health/wellness and life coaching.

In case you don’t know: Between 100 and 200 thousand men and women are leaving the active duty military service branches each year, and as a result of decreasing commitments abroad, these numbers will likely increase significantly.

Surveys of veterans polled nationwide have shown that over 80% found this transition period to be very difficult and highly stressful, not only upon the veteran but also upon his or her family.

Veteran suicides are a continuing problem. Feelings of hopelessness, lack of connection and insufficient preparation by the military prior to separation are only some of the causes. COVID has exacerbated this terrible problem.

Veterans trying to find fulfilling and meaningful jobs often don’t know how to translate their military experience into a resume that hiring managers understand. Others are unfamiliar with networking, or have had little to no experience with job interviews.

Without help, many veterans feel lost, isolated from their friends, their sacrifices unappreciated by the 99% of us who have not served. They have no idea where they can find a new, rewarding purpose. That’s where our SBT coaches can make a world of difference. Our twelve session program has produced amazing results and the gratitude we have received is apparent in the testimonials from past graduates of our program. In countless testimonials from past graduates of our program.

We depend upon our SBT Family of Supporters for donations so we can continue to grow and support more veterans than ever before. PLEASE DONATE NOW to our 8th Annual Memorial Day-Labor Day Summer Fundraiser 2021.

Remember and honor those who have sacrificed so much, by helping our Veterans today. They need your support more than ever!

Warmest wishes for a wonderful summer!

Stephanie Richmond


Stand Beside Them, Inc.